We have the
equipment and
expertise to rise to
the challenge of
any job.

NEXGEN is a full-service crane and transport company with the capability to tackle almost any job. We offer an array of cranes and tractor/trailers at competitive prices with the goal of completing projects quickly and safely. Our certified operators, riggers and drivers are prepared to serve you.


crane service

Our job is to solve problems. Whether your lift is across the country or just across the platform, our professional staff has the knowledge and the capability of moving and installing equipment of any size safely and efficiently. Our family-owned and operated company has equipment that is painstakingly maintained by our experienced team.

All- terrain
Highway speed, capacity and maneuverability, ideal for both on- and off-road construction and industrial projects.
rough terrain
We have rough terrain cranes for even the most hard-to-reach projects.
Boom truck
How high do you need to reach? We can help you get there.
carry deck
Talk about versatility – especially maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing overhead obstacles.
Our transport service is accomplished with a combination of experience and equipment operated by highly skilled operators.


transport service

Our heavy hauling of major components is accomplished with a combination of experience, cranes capable of the task and specialized carriers all driven by highly skilled operators with training in state-of-the-art equipment. We know the regulations and permitting process and the varying DOT rules, plus we maintain personal contact with state and local agencies.

We take special care of our customers like we take special care of our fleet.
flatbed trailers
Wide load? Heavy load? We can help!
heavy haul trailers
What’s the heaviest load you’ve had to carry? Ours includes a vessel for a chemical plant.
carry deck
Talk about versatility – especially maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing overhead obstacles.
When you need to relocate, replace, remove, or install industrial-sized equipment, our rigging service is top of the line.


Rigging Services

Custom engineered rigging, load testing and hardworking people who create innovative solutions make complex lifting projects routine for our rigging teams. Skilled and certified, the key element is attention to detail.

High tonnage forklifts
What’s the heaviest load you’ve ever had to transport? We might have you beat!
We use the right tools to get your equipment and materials into the proper spaces.
Our expertise in maneuverability will amaze you.
carry deck
Talk about versatility – especially maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing overhead obstacles.


NexGen is always ready to take on almost any situation for which we are equipped and experienced. We think you will be impressed with our attention to detail and the ability of our people.

our projects


The only successful move is a safe one. Committed to continuous improvement and maximum safety at all levels, the NexGen team regularly meets to review safety practices and the latest safety techniques. NexGen is a member of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, certified by the NCCCO and MS Association of Builders and Contractors. NexGen fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Planning, Logistics & Engineering

Measure twice, cut once. Many say it; we do it. That’s the approach we take with every job. We want to find the best solution for you. That’s why customers come to us. We painstakingly plan our work, and we painstakingly work our plan.

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